Why Leveraging Your PR Success Is Vital

Leveraging third-party credibility is what turns press into profits. Many professional services firms who have not previously engaged in a PR campaign have a false impression that earning press mentions alone will result in sales. While they certainly can, it is often a shot in the dark and a flawed and narrow way to look at PR.

Failing to capitalize on PR success almost makes the success null in itself.  For example, a write-up on WSJ.com is a terrific press win, but if you’re a financial advisor in Cleveland, what are the chances your local prospects will find that article on their own? By not leveraging your media hits, awards, speaker opportunities, published articles and more, your marketing efforts are essentially a shout into the void, and there’s a significant chance that nobody is going to hear it.

The fact is, the advancements of modern media have overwhelmed consumers with information. With just a few keystrokes, hundreds of thousands – even millions – of businesses will pop up on a search result, and they’re all in competition with yours. Leveraging third-party credibility is vital because it funnels the positive elements of your PR success to a targeted audience, gaining exposure that would have been otherwise unobtainable.

When effectively leveraged through new and existing marketing channels, PR success can and will push the sales needle for businesses. There are companies who find it rather intuitive to leverage third-party credibility by integrating it into their greater marketing plans. Most, however, need help identifying ways to best leverage press coverage and other campaign successes.

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Kelly Holcombe is an account executive at Flackable, a national financial public relations and digital marketing agency. Follow Kelly on Twitter: @kelly_holcombe.