About Us

Flack (flak/)

informal noun
1. a publicity agent. “a public relations flack”


Flackable is a modern take on the “flack” of yesterday. We realize the traditional public relations model is antiquated and unfit to take growth-driven financial and professional services firms to new levels of credibility, authority and influence. Our clients want more than a press and content machine; they want a strategic partner to help them thrive in an increasingly competitive, rapidly evolving business climate. Flackable fills that void with a refreshingly bold and transparent public relations process tailored to meet the unique goals and dreams of our clients.


Flackable is a national, full-service public relations agency representing financial and professional services firms. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the agency has set the standard for modern communications through its integrated approach to public relations, content development, social media and digital strategy.

Founded in 2014 by award-winning public relations strategist Brian Hart, Flackable began as a niche agency serving wealth management firms across the United States. While financial advisors and asset managers continue to be a core focus for the agency, Flackable has expanded into several areas of financial and professional services including financial technology, investment banking, real estate and executive search.

Brian Hart, Founder of Flackable Philadelphia PR Agency
Brian Hart, Founder & President of Flackable

Distinguishing Values


We don’t simply ask our clients what they want; we tell them what they need.

We are the experts. We create open, honest and direct dialogue with our clients, providing assertive and strategic advice to position them for success in an increasingly competitive business environment.


We’re relationship builders, not list builders.

We take the time to know and understand our media counterparts, forging genuine, mutually beneficial relationships producing steady, high-level press opportunities for our clients.


We practice what we preach.

We are thought leaders in our industry, and we serve as a compelling case study for the services we offer. When we provide coaching and advice to our clients, it’s not solely coming from theory or observation. It’s coming from direct experience.