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All-Access Client Portal

Real-Time, On Demand Campaign Metrics & Status Reporting

The All-Access Client Portal, available exclusively to Flackable clients, delivers unprecedented campaign access and transparency through real-time, on demand campaign metrics and status reporting. Launched in 2020, the platform empowers Flackable’s clients with unrivaled campaign clarity while elevating overall agency accountability.

Flackable PR Agency Client Portal

It is no secret that traditional pubic relations firms and consultants are notoriously opaque; that is a common frustration among businesses and marketers who have contracted those types. At Flackable, we believe our clients deserve access and transparency in exchange for the trust and resources they invest in our agency; that’s the standard we have set with this platform.


Through the All-Access Client Portal, Flackable clients have instant access to key campaign metrics along with the status of pending media, writing, awards and speaking initiatives. As a result, Flackable maintains enhanced collaboration and the sense of urgency and purpose needed to drive impactful public relations outcomes.

Brian Hart


“Businesses have portals to track everything from business card orders to bank accounts. They can track the real-time status of lunch deliveries on an app. At minimum, they deserve the same level of access from their PR partners. That’s our commitment.”

Delivering unprecedented clarity, transparency & accountability:

+ Real-Time Reporting

Real-time, on demand campaign metrics and status reporting.

+ Complete Access

Comprehensive dashboards measuring media, content, awards and speaking progress and results.

+ Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards complete with toggles, filters and sorting options for an interactive experience.


Guides and templates demonstrating how to integrate PR into key aspects of your branding and marketing.

+ Excel & PDF Exports

Reports and key data readily available for download in Excel or PDF format.


Digital, animated campaign plans presenting a clear campaign overview.

Discover how our innovative model is producing game-changing results