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Automated Campaign Reporting

Monthly PDF Reports Automatically Sent To Your Inbox

Flackable’s industry-first automated campaign status reporting system is a key extension of the All-Access Client Portal, an exclusive platform delivering unprecedented campaign clarity, transparency and accountability. While public relations agencies have woven elements of automation into media monitoring and coverage reporting processes in recent years, Flackable’s automated system is original in including status reporting on projects and opportunities that are in progress and not yet completed.

Flackable Automated Reporting

Public relations firms waste an enormous amount of billable hours each month, quarter and year on manual reporting processes. And worse, it is often a self-serving exercise for the agency, fluffing up their efforts to justify inordinate service fees and retainers.


Flackable’s automated reporting system eliminates waste, manages costs and allocates time that would have otherwise been squandered on manual reporting to produce meaningful results for our clients. The reports, delivered as one consolidated PDF binder each month, display media relations activity for a given period, including the status of pending interviews and opportunities. They also map out the status of content projects, award nominations and speaking opportunities.


Brian Hart


“Whether the numbers are flattering to our efforts or not, the automated status reports always go out as-is on a monthly basis. That’s likely an unsettling thought for many agencies and practitioners, but we embrace it. That’s why our system is producing better results, enhanced collaboration and the sense of urgency and purpose needed to drive impactful public relations outcomes.”

Delivering unprecedented clarity, transparency & accountability:


Campaign status reports automatically delivered to your email inbox each month.


Media, writing, awards and speaking reports consolidated into one PDF file.


A snapshot of the report appears in the body of the email message.


Full reports delivered in PDF format, easy to print or save to your drive or desktop.


Reports go out at the same time each month and are not manipulated to embellish results.


Reports compare up to six months of results and activity to map out campaign trends and trajectory.

Discover how our innovative model is producing game-changing results