Social Media

Social media is no longer optional for growing, engaged brands. In order to build influence and retain relevance, brands must develop systems for maintaining a steady social media presence that captures the culture, personality and passion of the organization. Furthermore, brands investing time and resources into earned and owned media strategies need platforms for delivering that content to their target markets.


At Flackable, we use our social media expertise to funnel media to your target markets while establishing new relationships within your network. We develop influence and visibility by managing social accounts and developing systems and schedules to keep your business active and engaging.

Social media is an essential tool for establishing and maintaining digital influence, especially when paired with public relations and content development. It provides an immediate, inexpensive option to help maximize the impact and return on your earned and owned media success.

Contact Flackable for a free consultation to find out how we can build or reinvent your social media presence to deliver meaningful messages to your network.

Flackable Account Supervisor Binh Nguyen
Binh Nguyen, Account Supervisor at Flackable


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