Public Relations

Digital Marketing

Earned media placements can have a powerful impact on your brand. At Flackable, we help our clients share their stories and insights by connecting them with key media outlets and influencers. Our modern media relations approach produces third-party credibility and targeted exposure that will make you stand out from the competition and, more importantly, help to open new sales pipelines… More

Business communication is going through a technology-fueled evolution. Social media, email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are now supplementing, and in many cases, replacing, traditional marketing practices. In the midst of all these changes, has your brand stayed ahead of the competition? At Flackable, we help our clients build relationships with new… More

Content Development

Website Design

Every brand has a story to tell. At Flackable, our writers and designers help you share your story and address the issues impacting your clients through thoughtful, original content created in your voice. Whether you are introducing your brand for the first time, redefining your brand or just looking for ways to promote a consistent message, you could be facing an uphill battle without the guidance of… More

Your website is the foundation of your online presence, but the process of creating an impactful site can be a challenge. We make it easy by building and maintaining modern, cost-effective sites, complete with inbound marketing tools and best SEO practices, to help you attract new leads. The brochure-style website approach is no longer effective for advisors; consumers want fresh and engaging experiences… More