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Andrea Mazzola

Andrea Mazzola

Account Executive

Andrea Mazzola is an account executive at Flackable where she supports the agency’s public relations campaigns on behalf of clients in financial and professional services. A few of Andrea’s responsibilities include building and maintaining media relations and developing and distributing original content and press releases. Andrea also helps her clients on their mission to reach long-term goals, including being recognized in national, local and trade publications in both print and broadcast. Some of her client media placements and features include leading national and industry publications such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Cheddar, CNBC, Bloomberg and various trade press.

Prior to joining Flackable, Andrea received her B.A. at Rutgers University located in New Brunswick, New Jersey in three years. Andrea completed a dual degree majoring in English and communication with a specialization in public relations. After completing her degree, Andrea began her career as a communication administrator consultant at Johnson & Johnson. Outside of Flackable, Andrea is a certified yoga instructor and teaches at studios and gyms such as Seeds of Love Yoga and LA Fitness.

Certifications: Content Marketing Certification, HubSpot


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